Important Web Sites For Class

Introduction to Descriptive Statistics - Statistics are all around us. This is a tutorial that we will use as part of the class.

Table of Random Numbers - Use this web site to develop a list of random numbers.

Guessing Correlations  -  This is a very good interactive illustration about correlation coefficients

A general reference for a comprehensive listing of web locations is available from the University of Florida's Statistics Department

NEWSLETTER for the Section on Statistical Education
of the American Statistical Association

1.Journal of Statistics Education Information Service -contains links to several statistical education organizations (including the Section on Statistical Education of ASA), newsletters, discussion groups and, especially, the online Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) and the JSE Dataset Archive. Note: As of the beginning of 1999, the ASA has agreed to sponsor JSE so some features from these pages will be moving to the ASA's website. Information Page

2.The CHANCE Project - has resources that emphasize using current news media as motivation for studying issues in probability and statistics. A highlight of this website is the monthly Chance News abstracting recent articles from newspapers and magazines with suggestions for pedagogical uses. Project Chance

3.DASL - The Dataset and Story Library - is a collection of datasets and related documentation (stories) that may be searched by data subjects or by statistical techniques. A great place to visit for class examples, this site is one of the web's premier sources of data intended for use in statistics instruction. DataSet and Story Library

4.JAVA Applets - has links to interesting online applets for demonstrating statistical concepts. Located at Duke University, the site has links to many other sites. The list of contributors at the bottom of the page is a who's who of people active in writing applets for supporting statistics instruction and good place to browse to find other applet sites. Java Applets

5.Statistical Instruction Internet Palette (SIIP) - is a project devoted to developing web resources for teaching statistics. Directed by John Behrens at Arizona State University. This site includes one of the fullest and nicest collections of links to WWW data sources at Dr. B's Wide World of Web Data.Statistical Instruction Internet Palette

6.FEDSTATS - is billed as the "One-Stop Shopping" source for government data with links to more than 70 federal agencies. Be sure to try the A to Z link. Fedstats

7.Statistics on the Web - has links to more general statistical resources on the web, with a good section related to teaching statistics. Put together by Clay Helberg at SPSS, Inc. Statistics on the Web

8.WWW Resources for Teaching Statistics - outline from a talk at the 1998 Technology in Statistics Education Conference sponsored by the Boston Chapter of the ASA at Babson College. Contains all the links mentioned above and more. Resources for Teaching Statistics