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Review of Moral Relativism from Teaching Philosophy





Review in Ethics


Promotional Blurb by Richard Brandt for The Status of Morality


Paper by Gorr & Timmons on The Status of Morality in Philosophical Studies


Paper by Taliaferro on The Status of Morality in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research


My Reply to Taliaferro in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research





Review in Philosophy in Review by Kawall


Review in Faith and Philosophy by Quinn


Review in Ethics by Feldman


Review in Philosophical Books by Benjamin


Review in Business Ethics Quarterly  by Lemos


Review in Mind by Setiya

Booknote in Dialogo Filosofico


In addition, see Linda Zagzebskiís Divine Motivation Theory

and John Hareís God and Morality: A Philosophical History

for discussions of this book.



Downloadable Papers


1. "The Definition of Lying"     Nous 2006

2. "Bribery, Extortion and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act"     Philosophy & Public Affairs 1985

3. "Happiness, Contentment, and the Good Life"     Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 1981

4. "Metaethics"     Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2d ed 2006

5. "A Note on Hooker's Rule-Consequentialism"     Mind 1991

6. Hooker's Reply to Me     Mind 1991

7. "Perpetual Peace: What Kant Should Have Said"     Social Theory & Practice 1988

8. "Ross and Utilitarianism on Promise-keeiping and Lying"     Philosophical Issues (Annual Supplement to Nous) 2005

9. "Axiology, Realism, and the Problem of Evil"     Philosophy & Phenomenological Research, 2007

10. "Friedman's Theory of Corporate Social Responsibility" Business and Professional Ethics Journal Vol. 12 (1)

11. "Who Are We to Judge" Teaching Philosophy 1988

12. "Strict Compliance and Rawls's Critique of Utilitarianism" Theoria, 1983

13. "Hare's Defense of Utilitarianism" Philosophical Studies 1986

14. "Hare On Utilitarianism and Intuitive Morality" Erkenntnis 1993

15. "Ethical Issues in Selling and Advertising" The Blackwell Business Guide to Ethics 2002

16. "An Approach to Relativism" Teaching Philosophy 1999

17. "Golden Rule" The International Encyclopedia of Ethics, 2013

18. "Divine will/ divine command moral theories and the problem of arbitrariness" Religious Studies, 2012