English 338: T, Th 1:00-2:15
Prof. Steven Jones

N. B.   This is NOT a "Distance Learning" site

IN THIS CLASS THERE ARE NO BOOKS. That is to say, we will read a great deal of romantic-period poetry and prose--and some recent criticism and works of scholarship on this literature--but all of it will be found online (mostly on the Web). There will be plenty of reading going on. Many students may even prefer to print out and read as hard copy the literary works that they find online. But the class is intended not only to provide in-depth study of some important romantic-period texts, but as a theoretical experiment and an exploratory mission. Together we will find and use the resources that are already available--and we'll look to some possible futures for the academic study of literature.

The link below on the right ("web resources") will take you to various Websites, including online journals and collections of further links to romantic texts, study aids, and scholarly resources. Specifically assigned readings, however, as well as writing and research assignments, are linked directly from the English 338 course syllabus on the left ("schedule and assignments").

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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the course, e-mail me. During the term, I will share your mailings with the class.