Hispanic Borderlands

  Border Studies: A Collection of Humanities Exhibitions
    Seven pictorial exhibitions on the history and culture of the U.S./Texas border zone. Created by the Texas Council for the Humanities.

 quiltBorders/Fronteras Web Site
    A multi-media site dedicated to border culters in the American Southwest.

 Azteca Logo The Azteca Web Page
    A large and comprehensive site devoted to the social life and cultures of Aztlan.

 Welcome to the Virtual Varrio  Virtual Varrio
                                              An off-beat, occasionally satirical site devoted to "pocho" culture.

 Welcome to the Latino Lit Web Page  Latino Literature
                                                                                    A large site devoted to major Hispanic writers and including    documentry information about the culture and peoples of Latin America and the Hispanic U.S.

Chicana Feminist Homepage
   An "introduction to Chicana and Chicano cultures and issues in Chicana feminisms through a collection of educational and cultural resources."


Chicana Literature
                                    This site was put together by Sheila Contreras and her students for a course, Introduction to Chicana/o Literature, taught in the Spring of 1997 at the University of Texas, Austin. Good bibliographies of primary texts and background sources.

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