Academic Programs
Utep logoCenter for Inter-American and Border Studies
   The Center, located at the University of Texas, El Paso, "assigns great importance to the study of Mexico and other nations in Latin America. Given the University's location, the Center places major emphasis on the U.S.-Mexico border, a zone rich in history and complex in its cultural, demographic, social and economic configuration."

 Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies/Rutgers University
     An "interdisciplinary program of studies that examines the diverse political, social, and cultural histories of the Spanish-speaking societies of the Caribbean as well as Latino communities in the United States."

The Border Academy
   T two-week interdisciplinary program planned for the last week in June and first week in July, 1998. Lectures, panel discussions, and performances are planned on interdisciplinary topics related to the history and culture of U.S./Mexican border life. Sponsored by the Mexican American Studies & Research Center at the University of Arizona.

UCSB Department of Chicano Studies Chicano Studies Department, U of California Santa Barbara
   The only Department of Chicano Studies in the nine-campus University of California system. There are important Chicano Studies Programs at the following other University of California campuses: UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Irvine.

   The Mexican American Studies Department, San Diego State University
    Mexican American studies majors "may choose one of two areas: Humanities, which includes courses designed to increase the student's awareness of the Chicano culture, as well as intellectual, aesthetic, literary, historical, ethical, and human values; and Social Science, including courses which analyze social institutions and how they affect the individual and also emphasize contemporary Mexican American issues as they relate to the larger society. Areas of study include political
science, anthropology, economics, sociology, and history."


Stnf Stanford Center for Chicano Research
   The center was established in 1980 "to promote cross- disciplinary research on Mexican American and other Latino communities in the U.S."

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